Build your network and establish connections with regional market leaders and C-level end users

Omni-channel Platform to market your brands to the Asian Integrated System Users, you will find new & regular users of integrated systems.

More than 80% indicated return rate from last year’s visitor, over 2200 quality visitors from hotels, residential & commercial development, entertainment venue, cinema, corporate offices and more!

Road to Systems Expo Events

Touring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, engaging the Asian community leading to the actual event, establishing your brand presence and expanding your client base.

Workshops & Seminars

What is the problem that your product solves? Share more about your product at workshops & seminars, use these platforms to conduct training for your customers and update them on the latest products available for their use.

Product Launch Breakfasts Talks

Attendees are invited to attend the Breakfast sessions free-of-charge, to hear about the latest products launching in Asian markets and discussions influencing the industry. Use Product Launch Breakfast Sessions to showcase your products on the main stage.

Industry Insights Presentations

How will integrating systems affect a business? What are the latest trends in the industry and how to apply them to your business? Case studies on successful projects, etc.  These are some of the questions that will be discussed during these sessions. Use industry insights to be at the forefront of your industry – be a thoughtleader!

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