Product Highlights at Systems Expo 2017

Want to know what products will be available at Systems Expo? Here are some highlights from some of our exhibitors! More products and exhibitors at the exhibition itself, visit us from 26 – 28 July 2017.

Systems Expo Exhibitor Product Highlights


  Clay Paky Name of Product:
Clay Paky
Product Description:
Clay Paky is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems. The Clay Paky products include moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects. They are known throughout the world as the first as regards the extraordinary performances, the imagination and variety of the effects, the precise focus, purity of the light beam and movement precision.


  142addfd5b9117d83af4b990b7d7c767-d3_logo_05_solid_white_on_black Name of Product:
d3 Technologies
Product Description:
The world’s first integrated video production suite, d3 is more than just a media server. Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets you work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements, while being completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.


  avolites Name of Product:
Product Description:
Avolites are dedicated to producing the very best control solutions for all aspects of the professional lighting industry. The company has focused on, listened to and built upon end-user feedback which has allowed continual development and evolution of the product range. Avolites equipment utilises cutting-edge technology whilst retaining the accessible, intuitive, hands-on familiarity for which Avolites’ products are renowned.


 download 1 download 2 Name of Product:
ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer®
Product Description:
The ATDM-0604 automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, conferences, soft codec applications, courtroom proceedings, radio and TV broadcasts and other applications involving the use of multiple microphones or other media inputs. Audio-Technica’s SmartMixer® technology allows channels to be mixed automatically in gate or gain sharing mode, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio output from all inputs in a setup, without the introduction of feedback, excessive ambient noise, or comb filtering.


 download 3 90748faa1a8d8874890c7417e283e695-atuc_50_1_sq Name of Product:
ATUC-50IU Integration Unit
Product Description:
ATUC-50IU integration unit is the new additional to the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System. It can be mounted discreetly and is compatible with additional microphone models and provides the opportunity for a fully custom integrated installation.

BOOTH NO. H09/J08 Name of Product:
Product Description:
VISUAL PRESENTATION -Hitachi, Casio, Sony, Epson, Christie, AverVision
INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY – Hitachi, Samsung, LG, SMART, Promethean, Pen and free
PRO AUDIO SYSTEM -– Audio Technica, Bosch, Mipro, WIWI, etc
COLLABORATIVE LEARNING FURNITURES – – Aver, Indota, Teammate, Draper, HWilson
AV INTEGRATED CONTROL – Extron, Kramer , AMX, Crestron


Name of Product:
Product Description:

– Charge, store and sync from 12 | 16 | 30 | 40 bays for tablets or pcs
– Full 2.1A DC Charging power provided to all connected devices
– Large charging slots designed to accomodate various brands.
– Pullout drawers allow for easy storage and removal of devices
– Sturdy steel frame structure and fully-welded.
– Steel doors with three-point lock for secure storage.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
Seamless COLLABORATIVE TABLE and CHAIR set – allow student to collaborate in small groups or individual work -Transforming traditional classroom into active, interactive,dynamic teaching and learning environment!


Name of Product:
Calyx Connect
Product Description:
Calyx Connect provides a registration and ticketing platform, a point of sale system and access control for events.  Engagement features are also available in the form of connection stations for attendees and exhibitors.


 d7f8a158c4bf6b73758d2723983f3355-INNKeeper-Logo Name of Product:
Product Description:
Customer centric lodging reservations, room rates, front office and city ledger management and control system. Feature include Reservations Management with content rich colour coded availability view grid with real time web reservations direct from your web-page. Central Reservations Office enable multiple properties availability view grid with seamless web interface to OTA & channel managers. Property & Rates Management, Front Office Management, Housekeeping, Business management features.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
Customer centric CRM, business administration, communications and accounting control. Extensive customer database with management reports console. Demographic and status profiling with data mining, Direct call dialing, e-mail, fax, and SMS transmission with tracking, Bulk marketing e-mail, fax, snail-mail and SMS blasts, Staff task and communications scheduling and tracking, Customer preferences & detailed trading history. Business management features with Document filing & management system.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
Customer centric membership and loyalty administration, recreational activities and wellness management. Primary & dependent membership with unlimited status links, Demographic and status profiling with data mining, Integrated membership card design, printing and identification, Automated membership status updates with privilege limitations, Loyalty points awards & redemption management system, Tracking of main & dependent members spending, Bulk GIRO & Credit Card membership fees processing.


 arraycalcv8_ft_arrayprocessing ArrayCalc V8 (01)
Name of Product:
d&b ArrayProcessing
Product Description:
The ArrayProcessing function within the ArrayCalc simulation software V8 incorporates powerful filter algorithms that calculate and optimize the sonic performance of a d&b line array over an entire listening area. ArrayProcessing ensures that every member of the audience benefits from the same remarkable quality of sound by enhancing the spectral consistency, with a defined level distribution, to achieve a consistent tonal balance for each listener.


 f331a0c9025774db117160399b1e92eb-Surface-Hub Name of Product:
Microsoft Surface Hub
Product Description:
ESCO and Microsoft team up to showcase the Microsoft Surface Hub, the latest solution in collaboration technology. The Microsoft Surface Hub is built for teamwork and works beautifully in the modern workplace. The fully integrated design and flexible mounting options mean that there is always a solution for your business needs. Come and witness the power of the Surface Hub in operation and enjoy the special discounts at the show.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems. Founded in 2011, Zoom’s mission is to make video and web conferencing frictionless.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
As LCD/LED screen and computer prices decline, bandwidth speed and availability increases and software capability continues to advance, we see digital signage and digital-out-of-home media becoming every more omnipresent.
Signbox sees digital signage becoming one of the primary mediums for companies to advertise products & services and we look forward to being a part of this revolution.


Name of Product:
Pixel. inc SMART System
Product Description:
SMART system to manager the logistic deployment , generate the deployment report. upload the photos with location.


Name of Product: Interactive Touch Screen
Product Description:
Interactive touch screen to play game, directory & information for commercial purpose.


Name of Product: Conference Apps
Product Description:
Conference apps provides the platform for the attendance, to update conference information and notification. allow the attendances to interact with the speakers and other attendance.


 3bb6000740b305da93047ca84dba0633-quantumu_60157101_04c_pub Name of Product:
Quantum Ultra
Product Description:
Quantum Ultra is a modular 4K videowall processor with high-performance scaling and windowing technology for a wide range of applications. Quantum Ultra features the Extron Vector™ 4K 4:4:4 scaling engine and 400 Gbps HyperLane™ video bus capable of carrying multiple high-resolution sources for unmatched real-time performance. A single processor can support multiple videowalls with mixed resolutions and screen orientations, providing flexible system design with minimal complexity and cost.


Name of Product:
SMP 351
Product Description:
The SMP 351 is a high-performance processor that captures and distributes AV sources and presentations as live streaming or recorded media. It accepts HDMI, component, composite, and optional 3G-SDI signals, and applies two-window processing to the selected sources. The SMP 351 can record and stream simultaneously and can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently. Requiring no licensing fees, the SMP 351 has a low cost of ownership, making it a cost-effective solution.


Name of Product:
DTP CrossPoint 4K Series
Product Description:
The Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K Series are 10×8, 8×6, 8×4, and 8×2 matrix switchers with HDMI and DTP® twisted pair inputs and outputs, seamless switching and 4K scaling powered by Extron Vector™ 4K scaling technology, Extron ProDSP™ with AEC that is linkable for I/O expansion, an integrated audio power amplifier, and a built in IPCP Pro control processor. They provide complete system integration for AV systems in a single, compact enclosure.


Name of Product:
Full HD Outdoor Integrated Camera – AW-HR140
Product Description:
  • Full HD 3MOS 1/2.86 Sensor for high-level video capture and production
  • 20 X Optical Zoom
  • 3G-SDI x 2
  • Industry’s first professional camera with pan/tilt mechanism vibration compensation function: Dynamic Image Stabilising System (D.I.S.S)
  • Intelligent Functions
  • Haze Reduction, Defroster, Lens Wiper & Salt Resistant,
  • IP65 Rating
  • Suitable for use for Staging, Stadium, Security Surveillance.


Name of Product:
4K anti-glare videowall LED LCD display – TH-55LFV8W
Product Description:
  • 55-inch LED LCD display, Full HD, Anti-glare
  • Brightness of 500 cd/m²
  • Wide viewing angle by IPS panel
  • Narrow bezel to bezel of only 3.5 mm
  • 4K playback on multi screens daisy-chained via DisplayPort
  • Local dimming function whereby backlight adjusts according to the brightness of different parts of the contents which realises high contrast performance with low energy
  • Colours pre-calibrated to minimise colour difference
  • Suitable for digital signage, control room and rental use


Name of Product:
Space Player PT-JX200

Product Description:

  • 1-Chip DLP projector, 2,000lm, XGA
  • Laser light source engine allows 24/7, 20,000 hours* maintenance-free operation
  • Easy projection via SD card for offline environment
  • Universal mount enables projection from almost all angles
  • Memory Viewer function plays content with transitional effects
  • Spotlight projection or customisable highlighting with circular image
  • Suitable for retail space, showroom, museum, exhibition and function venues


 ca7fc288fdf0fc755c8cfd1459427060-ListenIR Name of Product:
Product Description:
Listentech products provide solutions that overcome the challenges of noise, distance, clashing conversations, and hearing loss to deliver precise and personalized audio in any setting or environment. We have solutions in Assistive Listening, Language Interpretation, Soundfield, Tour Group and Conferencing, basing on different technology platforms eg. IR, Wifi, RF.



 15bbed5a9d5679bce422b200462b1c7e-protel-Air-Room-Type-plan Name of Product:
protel Air
Product Description:
protel Air is a cloud native, enterprise, single and multi-property PMS that provides a better user experience, lower cost, reduced IT support and delivers all the advantages of mobile.  It is fully internationalised and is made for hoteliers and accommodation businesses, from small independents through to global hotel groups. protel Air is platform independent, has mobile solutions, hotel apps, and can be deployed in a private or public cloud. It also has a broad spectrum of interfaces.


Name of Product:
Product Description:
xnPOS is an enterprise, full-service, cloud-hosted, Point of Sale solution that enables single and multi-site hotel and food and beverage service outlets reduce operational complexity and provide a faster, more efficient service.  It is centrally managed with enterprise wide scalability. It is Android and Windows mobile touch ready and has extensive features and functions, including multi-lingual operations and support. The system is fast, robust and seamlessly integrates to other key systems.

More products available at the exhibition!