Industry Panel Discussions at Systems Expo 2017

Date: 26 – 27 July

Focused Industry:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Education
  • Hospitality
26th July 2017

Future Enterprise Panel Discussion Session Venue: Angsana Junior 3D/3E, Level 3

10:30 – 12:00 Planning and Measuring Success from Innovation and Digital Transformation

With most business leaders agreeing that digital transformation is already or will be disrupting their business, businesses big and small need to plan for their digital transformation. Find out from expert panellists about how to plan for your digital transformation, what considerations from their experience should be noted. Also, understand how to measure success from these initiatives – from operational innovation, product innovation, business model innovation, to customer experience innovation.

Learning Points:

–        Types of intelligent technologies that can yield results for corporate digital transformation

–        How to plan for implementation of these technologies

–        Justifying investment in these technologies by measuring different types of success based on the stage of innovation


–                  Ms Angeline Tan, Executive Director of Vega Global, Singapore

 angeline photo


–                  Mr. Ambran Abu Bakar, Managing Director, Hewshott International


26th July 2017

Interactive Education Panel Discussion Session Venue: Angsana Junior 3D/3E, Level 3

15:00 – 16:00 Automation and Digitisation Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Join experts as they explore the future of education in relation to the digital transformation and automation in a campus setting. Explore how technology can change the way faculty and students interact, as well as improve operational efficiency and productivity of the campus by reducing human interaction.

Learning points:

–        Systems Integration and Automation in an Educational Institution – benefits and how to overcome the digital divide between faculty and students

–        Technologies that faculty members can tap on to create interactive and engaging content for learning


–        Prof. Pey Kin Leong, Associate Provost of Education, Singapore University of Technology and Design


–        Mr. Aurelius Yeo, HOD of Educational Technology, Singapore School of Science & Technology


–        Mr. Ambran Abu Bakar, Managing Director, Hewshott International



–        Mr. Hurrairah bin Sohail, Editor, InAVate APAC

Hurrairah Photo

27th July 2017: 14:30 – 16:00 hours

Smart Hospitality Panel Discussion Session

Venue: MBS, Angsana D/E, Level 3

The panel discussion is an industry focus session to encourage hotels to explore and understand how technologies can improve guest experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs in the long run. Attendees to the event would include industry peers (GMs, IT, Operations, Technical Directors), hotel owners, and supply-side industry experts.

14:30 – 14:35 Welcome and Delegates to be seated.

14:35 – 14:55 Smart Data vs. Big Data – Leveraging transactional data to drive profits and guest service

Mr. Greg Spicer, Chief Executive, Xn Protel Systems Group


14:55 – 15:15 The 7 Service Perception Zones in Hospitality – Using Technology to Improve Service Delivery to Guests

Mr. Pieter Roux, Managing Director, CIMSO Business Solutions Asia Pte Ltd


15:10 – 16:00 Tech Budget vs Guest Experience: What’s the Verdict?

Technologies across industries are rapidly evolving and with the sheer quantity of hospitality related technologies available, how does a property decide what to invest in to optimise the guest experience and keep guests coming back? Learn about the technologies available, what kind of ROI you can forecast from these investments, and how technologies are increasingly become a differentiating factor for hoteliers.

Discussion Points:

  • How does a property decide what to invest in to optimise the guest experience to keep guests coming back?
  • What are the trending technologies in the hospitality industry?
  • What kind of ROI can you measure from these investments?
  • How technologies are increasingly become a differentiating factor for hoteliers


  • Mr. Ryan Sun, General Manager, Park Avenue Hotel

Ryan Sun Photo

  • Mr. Brendan Daly, General Manager, Yotel Singapore


  • Mr Philip Loh – Managing Director, IBS Pte Ltd

Capture 2

  • Mr Francis Surjaseputra – Founder, A Foundation, Indonesia


Moderator: Mr. Frank Wolfe, CEO Hospitality, Financial & Technology Professionals Association, USA


27th July 2017

Southeast Asian Rigging and Safety Forum

 Venue: Seminar area Hall E


Tony Kam


Technical Theatre Association of Singapore

Freelance Technical Director


1) Daniel Loh

Technical Director

The Star Performing Arts Centre

2)Roy Lee

Senior Manager for Staging and Rigging

MBS Master Card Theatre

3)Yusri Talib

Professional Rigger

Sypnosis:Rigging has been a part of life in the entertainment world today. We as entertaiment stakeholders are responsible for the audience and the working crew’s safety.

What is a good practice, what is not? In this forum, the industry will share best practices, and also learn from bad experiences in the past.

Join us with our panel of presenters and share your views.

28th July 2017

The Future of Events: A C-Suite and Managerial Discussions

 Venue: Seminar area, Hall E


Ross Sarpani

Head – Emcee and Artistes

STAR Association


1) Adam Piperdy

Head of Experince Management

Unearthed Production

2)  Andrew Teo


The Multiply

3) Justin Misson

Creative Director / Show Host

StageWerkz Pte Ltd

Sypnosis:Audiences and organisers are now pampered with many innovative ideas up for grabs for their events. Demand on Technologies is the number one thing on their checklists.

What could the future of events industry be? What are the changes? What is done to anticipate the demand?