Show Highlights Overview

iExperience of Tomorrow

iExperience of Tomorrow brings you the high technology experience in the integrated environment. Look forward to encounter technological integration in hotels, meeting rooms and offices!

What’s more, attendees will be able to experience all sorts of technologies integration which includes virtual receptionists, customer-centric hospitality and property management systems, security & surveillance technologies and more!  Bring along an open mind to see how these integration could help you in your business!

Workshops & Seminars

Last year’s event saw 23 features, including education workshops & seminars by experts in the industry. This year, look forward to more training and industry discussions on the practices, strategies, trends, and ideas for emerging IT trends, network security, the future of hospitality, and AV integration in an environment optimised for learning.

Workshops & seminars will be held in presentation rooms for the most optimal learning environment.

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