Meet In Singapore Promotion

MasterCard Prepaid Card Redemption

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), together with various trade show organisers, have launched an initiative to reward selected MICE visitors at key trade events in 2017.

Eligible visitors will be able to redeem a S$50 pre-paid MasterCard card which can be used to offset accommodation, shopping and dining costs in Singapore.


To qualify for the Meet in Singapore Promotion, each visitor must fulfill all the following criteria:
a) Be a registered trade visitor at the selected event.
b) Be arriving from an Asian country (includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, East Timor, Philippines, Brunei, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea)
– visitors transiting through Asia will not be considered.
c) Stay a minimum of 2 nights at a paid commercial accommodation in Singapore (e.g. hotels, hostels etc.)

The visitor would not be eligible for this Promotion if he/she is not flying in from an Asian country.

About The MasterCard Prepaid Card

Q1. How can visitors use this pre-paid MasterCard card?
A1. The prepaid MasterCard card can be used at any hotel (for all room charges and miscellaneous costs incurred at the hotel) or merchant which accepts MasterCard as a mode of payment. Please note that stored value in the card is in Singapore dollars.

Q2. What happens if the purchase amount is above the preloaded value of the pre-paid MasterCard card (i.e. above S$50)?
A2. If the purchase value is above the amount in the card i.e. above S$50, visitors should inform the merchant before payment. Any additional amount above S$50 would need to be topped-up in cash/credit. Note that the Pre-paid card may become invalid for a period of time if there is insufficient amount in the card during payment.

Q3. Is there any expiry date for the MasterCard Prepaid card?
A3. The Prepaid MasterCard card will expire on 31 July 2017, and cannot be used after this date.

Q4. Can visitors cash out the S$50 preloaded value from the pre-paid MasterCard card?
A4. No, the preloaded value of S$50 cannot be cashed out from the card.

Q5. Is the pre-paid MasterCard card only for use in Singapore?
A5. No, the Prepaid MasterCard card can be used at any merchant overseas which accepts MasterCard as a mode of payment.


Q6. Who can visitors contact for enquiries?
A6. For technical enquiries (e.g. issues with card activation and use etc.), please email For all other queries, please approach the individual event organisers.