For the first time in Asia, attendees can try technologies in action and experience a SMART journey through the eyes of an end-user at Systems Expo 2017.
Systems Expo 2017 will be pioneering a fully functional Hospitality & Enterprise showcase in the exhibition. This showcase will be built and equipped with the latest SMART technologies such as Automation, Mobile, Collaboration, Audio Visual Equipment and more. The technologies in the showcase will be fully integrated for attendees to get hands-on experience, and application ideas for their organizations’ needs.
Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the future integration at the “i Experience of Tomorrow” showcase, learn how you can create seamless guest experience, increase productivity, and lower operation costs with technologies.
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Your Journey Begins Here

Touch Down

Touch down at Systems Expo 2017, and experience a seamless stay at our concept hotel.


You will arrive at the hotel reception and greeted by a virtual receptionist to the hotel of the future. Introduction of the journey will commence, you will be randomly assigned to 1/5 typical traveller profiles to experience the SMART Hotel and SMART Corporation of the future.

Guest Room

Tap RFID tag to enter hotel room and experience a personalised room based on the profile’s preferences. You will be guided on an audio tour. You will be able to control the room via their smartphones just by scanning a QR code – from lighting, TV, curtains, audio, to their mirror in the toilet.

Multi-Purpose Huddle Space and Meeting Room

Tap RFID tag to enter the SMART corporate meeting room. Experience a fully integrated meeting room via voice controls. You will also experience a fully integrated boardroom and huddle space setting with different scenes and seamless controls.


Upon Check-out, you will be guided into the photo booth where you can take a photo to remember your personalized experience at “iExperience of Tomorrow”. Simple tap of your RFID tag and you will receive photos in your email, as well as on our official Facebook feeds.

Control Room

You will then be guided into a control room where they can see what happens behind the scenes of all the integration that they have experienced so far – security, customer management system, systems integrator panels, and many other back-end systems.

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